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Deadlands Season Two: Rest Stop
by invisible_fool (invisible_fool)
at May 23rd, 2012 (12:50 am)

The Cast:
Carrie: Magic floating Buddhist.
Cassie: Hypocritical failer of climbing.
Charlotte: Nosy meddling teenager.
Herbert: Font of wealth and Britishness. 
And Raj: Faithful and perforated NPC.

GM: Does everybody remember what happened last time?
Carrie OC: Pain lot of pain
Herbert OC: Horror lots of horror
Carrie OC: I feel like I was bait last session
GM: Yes, those wild turkeys, which roam merrily across the desert plains
Carrie OC: I’ve never had to go to the bad place before
Cassie OC: Don’t ever say that again! [To GM] And don’t rub your hands!
Herbert OC: Where’s the nearest town we haven’t pissed off or burnt down?
Charlotte OC: Cassie’s lactating?
Charlotte is now Alice
Herbert is now the Mad Hatter
Eddy is the Cheshire Cat
Carrie is the Queen of Hearts
Cassie is yet to be cast
Herbert OC: How much sleep is Herbert going to get with their screaming?
GM: He’s Public schooled
Herbert OC: Oh, so fine then
Carrie: It’s alright he [Eddie] doesn’t eat dead meat
Rest of the party: You’re not dead yet!
Herbert: First can I have a finger of scotch?
Rest of players descend into childish giggles
Cassie OC: That’s a women right?
GM: Congratulations, Cassie can identify male and women types…for now.
GM: You sit down and eat your food, nothing horrible appears to have happened…yet.
Carrie OC: When has he seen her naked?
Herbert OC: It was the hand incident
Cassie OC: Don’t do that gesture!
(After Cassie mispronounces an important word)
GM: Dam it! You quote Linger’rey now or else!
GM: The horses are shying away from the doctor
Party: What?
GM: Even Bellerophon.
Party: WHAT!?
Charlotte: Stop going back to that!! It happened twice years ago!
Charlotte OC: When there is trouble in ones neighbourhood, to whom does one send a telegram?
Following a misunderstanding, Herbert to ask the townsfolk if the doctor and the doctor’s mother had children, cue banjo imitations of God Save the Queen
Carrie’s player roleplays sleeping, by sleeping
Cassie: Ah told you not to poke
Charlotte: Ah aint’ gonna poke, I’m jus gonna look
Carrie: Doctor, there’s a bogy man under Charlotte’s bed trying to steal her
Doctor: Sorry I think I’m still asleep
Carrie: No, you’re awake.
Doctor: Do you have a problem with paranoia?
Carrie: Its entirely warranted if you ask me
Charlotte: It’s not a problem.
Carrie: I’m askin’ you as a child, you can’t do what you told yet.
H​erbert: You own more weapons than I do
Charlotte: Well you need more then.
Carrie: Yours are bigger.
Charlotte OC: Wait, so following telling Charlotte off for poking, Cassie's going poking?
Cassie OC: Yep.
Cassie: Carrie, can you look under my bed?
Carrie: ....Are you kidding me?
Charlotte: Huh second time I’m trying to kill Herbert, really don’t like him this session.
Repeated many times during the fight at the end: Where’s Eddy!?
Carrie (to a doctor and a senile octogenarian at a first floor window): Jump damn it, jump!
Carrie: As a trained medical professional I can assure you I won’t go through the wall, try a window instead.
NPC stalker-cannibal-thing: Om nom nom, this is delicious
Cassie: God damn you! I'm going to CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED.
Carrie: It’s okay he’s not eating me!
Dude of eating: Well you spoilt that now, I’ll have to eat you
Carrie: He’s eating me! He’s eating me!
Herbert: Don’t kill her, just beat her unconscious!
Cassie OC: Damn it, I spent rounds climbing up here only to see him jump out the window with her!
NPC cannibal man (Upon seeing the magic Buddhist levitating spell): I want to see how much you can do that.
(Throws Carrie directly upwards)
Herbert: If it bleeds we can kill it.


Posted by: fearpatientmen (fearpatientmen)
Posted at: May 23rd, 2012 03:26 pm (UTC)

Lines between quotes please.

A quiet session thankfully.

Posted by: invisible_fool (invisible_fool)
Posted at: May 23rd, 2012 10:21 pm (UTC)

Format wouldn't let me, so for now enjoy these asterisks as separaters.

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