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Deadlands Season Two: Home On The Range
by invisible_fool (invisible_fool)
at June 13th, 2012 (03:23 am)

The Cast:
Carrie: Buddhist nurse in a murdering mood.
Cassie:Pinkerton with a Plan.
Charlotte: Evil devil-child of annoyance.
Herbert: British British tea British.

Herbert: He sent Mr Smith here.
Carrie: How do you know he’s called Mr Smith?
Herbert: I don’t.
Carrie: The correct name for unidentified bodies is John Doe.
Herbert: Well maybe in America...
Carrie: This is America! And he’s probably American!
Herbert: Touché.
Herbert: Queen’s English, bitch.
Carrie: I’m sorry who makes you better?
Herbert: [Awkward pause] You do.
Cassie: One minute you’re a sovereign, next you’re a bitch.
After deciding not to mention the walking dead to the landlord
Herbert: One moment, I think the dead body is moving again-
Cassie: My job is the exact opposite of what you’ve done!
On Eddie
Cassie: I can shoot him in the face. That’s been my backup plan since I met him.
Carrie: [Sincerely] That’s reassuring.
Cassie: you ask him to dispose of many dead bodies?
Herbert: Define “dispose”...
Herbert: I mean “duh” Cassie.
GM: The Indians go down with the ease of practice-
(sniggering, mostly from Cassie and Herbert)
Cassie: tee hee, tee hee... blowjobs.
Charlotte: You killed me!
Carrie: Buddah understood, that totally didn’t count.
On making tea
Indian: Stream there, fire there.
Herbert: Ah, al fresco.
Party meets a rather unsettling gentlemen in a hooded cloak. 
Charlotte: It’s Eddie!
None-existent Eddie: Surprise Cass! I’m on stilts!
Herbert: Why does [Eddie] get quotes when he’s not here?
Cassie: Like the squirrel?
Carrie: Hai guyz! I’m bak!
No-one ever asks – worst Indian name ever
Carrie: Get out of my way! I’ve got an axe and I’m in a murdering mood!
Herbert: Good.
Carrie: Not really, I’m not in control of my mind and I’m very aware of your position.
Herbert: Oh you want to kill me then.
Carrie: It seems I do.


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