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invisible_fool [userpic]
Deadlands Season Two: Rick Trolled
by invisible_fool (invisible_fool)
at August 9th, 2012 (01:29 am)

The Cast-
CARRIE: Apparently a woman (and Buddhist nurse).
CASSIE: Apparently another woman (and Catholic Agent). 
HERBERT: Possibly a man (and British toff). 
Due to EDDIE becoming increasingly unplayable for various demon-related reasons, Eddie's player npc'd the character and switched to RYAN: Probably a sorcerer (and nosy feller). 

(Because context is for the weak)
EDDIE OOC: If it helps, he's also revolving in his great-great grandfather's testicles.


CASSIE OOC: Can I be high as well?
EDDIE OOC: Yeah, go on then.

EDDIE OOC (as Dr Who Buddha): Ten regenerations left, doo-dah, doo-dah.

HERBERT OOC (about Buddha): AND he'd fit in with the Sontarans!

CASSIE: And she IS a horny 15-year-old.
HERBERT: A what?
EDDIE: Someone who's 15.

CASSIE: This is another thing you've set on fire I'm gonna get in trouble about...

HERBERT: Er, no one just 'gets' religion.

CASSIE OOC: Shut up, I shoot things. Mostly children.

EDDIE (attempting to commit suicide): Dammit. I can't just jump out the boat and drown.... Dammit, I left my gun behind.

HERBERT OOC: Cassie, at some point Herbert will be grabbing you.
CASSIE OOC: Hands off, dude.

CASSIE: Look, I'm OK with this. It's technically not suicide.

CASSIE: Thanks. We're losing the unwitting demon pawn for the witting demon pawn.
EDDIE OOC: AND I'm a journalist!

RYAN OOC: Hey, GM, can I take Skinchange: Raven?
CARRIE OOC: All. My. Hate.

RYAN OOC: I'm Episcopalian, it's like Catholic Lite. Same great religion but only half the guilt.
CASSIE OOC: Oh, we're gonna get along.

HERBERT: Have you brought a change of clothes? I mean, decent ones?
CARRIE: What's wrong with the way I dress?
RYAN OOC: I missed last session, has he insulted Charlotte and completed the set?

(Cassie embraces a bottle of Coke)
CASSIE OOC: Cuddly, cuddly optimism.

CASSIE: Oh, yeah. It's always the woman's fault. (beat) And yer fat.

HERBERT: No, I can't come with you – it would be improper -
CARRIE: Well, then I can't dress up like your little tart.

(Corsets create Carrie cleavage)
CARRIE: Oh, so that's how those happen. I knew it wasn't natural!

CASSIE: High class New Yorkers are a bit like Herbert. They need... help... when it comes to known' what's a lady.

GM: Boobs are irrelevant. The end.
RYAN OOC: Herbert!

RYAN OOC: On Eddie's behalf, DICKS!
CASSIE: Did you hear somethin'?

RYAN: That British toff probably wants a coupla column inches.
CASSIE: Hur hur hur.

GM: Sad Pinkerton in snow.

CARRIE: Am I from the South?

CARRIE: It seems unlikely that the dead would emerge simply to scold the living.
RYAN OOC: I'd like to point out that this is Carrie talking.

HERBERT: Miyusss Cayyseee, hah's myah Suthan Ayckzent?
Cassie:... never, ever do that again. Ever.

RYAN: Call yourself a big game hunter? You snuck up behind me and shot me in the arsehole!
GM: Big GAY hunter.

(villain waves at party)
(party wave back)

CASSIE OOC: No, I'm just making the Num Num McNummins gesture.

CASSIE OOC: OK, pull gun out of cleavage...
RYAN OOC: Why did I jump through shadows before that?

RYAN: I think that feller wasn't exactly human... good, you're not freakin' out nearly so much as most.

RYAN: I trust you'll hide knowledge o' my amusin' peccadillo?
Cassie: Your what?

CARRIE: Would you bear with me one moment while I fetch my friend?
RYAN: She's my word interpreter!

HERBERT: That depends on how much you value your ignorance.
RYAN: I'm a reporter.

RYAN OOC: We've discovered the eighth deadly sin. It's dickery.
CASSIE OOC (Deadpan): Wow. We're going to hell.

HERBERT: He charged me fifteen dollars for the privilege.
CARRIE: Why did you pay him?
HERBERT: I didn't.
CARRIE: Then that's not charging, that's stealing.

RYAN: Because that'd get me shot.
HERBERT: With a gatling pistol.
RYAN: Though I don't know about that yet.
CASSIE OOC: Hee! [^_^]

(screaming from inside)
CARRIE: Shall we go in now?
HERBERT: After you, my dear.