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RPG Quotes

Sometimes characters say the darnedest things...

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For posting funny things said in roleplaying games -- preferably on LiveJournal or related blog communities, but AIM chat and offline humor is accepted. Easy rules:

  • Quotes must either come from within a game (in-character), be about a game (out-of-character), or a mixture of both.

  • All speakers must be identified clearly in whatever manner helps make the quote make sense. Remember: most readers are not familiar with your game. A quick note explaining the game and the situation are appreciated, but keep it brief.

  • Quotes must be original -- ie. someone quoting JRR Tolkien (and nothing but JRR Tolkien) doesn't count.

  • No quoting from locked or private entries without permission. This is a bannable offense.

  • Credit all quotes by a link to where you found 'em or who said 'em, if you can.

    caughtsnippets (overheard IRL)
    lotrquotes (anything Tolkien)
    metaquotes (found on LJ)

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