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invisible_fool [userpic]
Deadlands Season Two: Escape from the Everglades
by invisible_fool (invisible_fool)
at July 24th, 2012 (01:38 am)

The cast-
Carrie: Unhumorous Buddhist nurse.
Cassie: Woman in Black.
Charlotte: Pestilential devil-child.
Herbert: Over-inquisitive British explorer. 
and party NPC Raj: Unofficial sane man.
Eddie was elsewhere occupied in the session, mostly getting in touch with his inner zombie in the Everglades.

Cassie: Oh Eddie (swooning gesture).

[Party discusses how to find Eddie]
Herbert: We could just listen for the screams.

Carrie: How many exploding trees are there in this swamp?
Herbert: There’s about to be one more!

Most people at one point or another: Pestilential devil child!

[Raj sinks into swamp and starts killing zombies Predator-style]
Cassie: Your manservant is so cool.
Herbert: He’s way cooler than me.
Everyone: Yeah...
Herbert: You could have paused there girls, you could have given it a moment.

The Black Clothes Incident (Take 2)
Cassie: I don't think I'll fit down the chimney. Since I'm wearing black. Herbert.

The Black Clothes Incident (Take 3)
GM: I think it was [Carrie's player] who said that the Purdy advantage meant Cassie had a huge ra-
Carrie OOC: That was OC! It's not canon!
Cassie OOC: I think we can settle on "medium build".
Herbert OOC: Full bodied?

Charlotte: If he bites you, scream.

[Due to... events Charlotte spends a night drunk in a stable and Cassie takes several baths in a horse trough]
Herbert: So what did I miss last night?
Cassie: If you value your soul and your sanity you will never ask that question again. [Herbert starts to speak] Ever!

Herbert: Are you girls going to be like this the rest of the day?
Carrie: Possibly. Brace yourself.
Herbert: What for?
Cassie: (low voice) Impact.

[Carrie takes Herbert aside to fill him in]
Carrie: There you go, aren’t you glad you’ve been filled in. Is this fair, do you feel you've been kept in the loop?

Herbert: May I make a request? Next time something like this happens I don't want to be told.

Person-shaped Demon NPC: Oh, I'm sure I could make you smile...
Carrie: I am not known for smiling.
Cassie: She's right. She ain't.